Wellness Coaching, Fat Loss, Sports Nutrition


People are most successful in areas of their lives where they have strong mentoring and support. But when it comes to our health, most of us see the occasional doctor for 15 minutes or so and never get any ongoing support or guidance to implement recommended lifestyle changes and achieve our health goals. As my client you will receive the personal attention and guidance you need to help you achieve your individual goals and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

No Two Programs Are Alike

Together we will design a fun and empowering program that's totally unique to you!



My Wellness Programs are for you if...

  • You're ready to make real and lasting lifestyle changes

  • You're committed to your health and well-being

  • You want guidance and accountability to reach your goals

  • You're unsure about what way of eating is right for you

  • You want to be the best version of yourself

  • You want to enjoy a positive body image and be more confident

  • You NEVER want to go on another diet!

  • You want to exercise smarter not harder

  • You want to have a healthy relationship with food

  • You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

I am probably not a good fit for you if...

  • You want a quick fix diet or are looking for "the magic pill"

  • Someone else thinks you need to change your lifestyle, but you don't

  • You're not willing to doing the work required to get results

  • You enjoy counting calories or points (does anyone actually like doing that?)

  • You're not open to trying a different approach to health & fitness

  • You know you need to make changes, but just aren't ready (that's ok! I'll be here when you are)

My wellness programs will help you…

  • Reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass

  • Increase energy and minimize stress

  • Discover ways of healthful eating that work for your unique lifestyle

  • Learn simple, practical ways to incorporate healthy foods & habits

  • Slow the aging process & prevent disease

  • Reduce cravings & understand their origin

  • Learn how to increase your metabolism

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Gain confidence and a positive body image

  • Improve your relationships and emotional well-being

  • Gain freedom from limiting beliefs and unresolved emotional issues

  • Achieve your health goals in a fun & empowering way

  • Receive the necessary support to maintain your healthy lifestyle

Wellness Programs Include:

  • Two 1-hour sessions per month

  • Personalized nutrition protocol and program workbook

  • My 21-day Reboot Your Bod Detox ($147 value)

  • Delicious, easy recipes, helpful handouts and fun giveaways to help simplify & enhance your life

  • Simple, practical recommendations to improve your overall well-being and support your goals

  • Guidance and support to help you create your ideal healthy lifestyle

  • Email and text support between sessions

  • Monthly e-newsletter

  • 6 and 12-month program clients will also receive free access to additional online programs, workshops & select events

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