I feel like a completely different person – mentally, physically and emotionally. When I started I felt scattered and unsure how to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Since then I feel that I have finally grown into a whole person. I’ve become 100% more active and I feel great from drinking lots of water and learning how to properly care for my body. I also feel physically better & emotionally more stable. I am shocked and amazed at how transformative a few basic, yet essential nutritional changes has made in my life.
— Sara
Since beginning the 6-month program I have more energy, lower body fat percentage and increased muscle mass. The biggest breakthrough I’ve had over the last 6 months is to view my health and fitness level as a marathon and not a sprint. My goals aren’t as weight oriented as they were before we worked together. I now set fitness level goals instead of weight loss goals. I find that if I focus on my nutrition and fitness goals, the weight takes care of itself.
— Jared
I decided to work with Jeannie because I was sick and tired of struggling with my weight and food issues in solitude. I realized I’d lived half of my life hating the way I looked and I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I needed guidance. I first noticed my energy and attitude change. Then I started looking forward to working out and I made more of an effort to cook healthy food at home. My biggest breakthrough was realizing that I don’t need to agonize over calories or the number on the scale. I have criteria that make sense for me now and that don’t constantly discourage me or toy with my emotions. When I first started talking to Jeannie about exercise & nutrition, I was a TIGHT size 10, now I can fit into a size 6! I recommend Jeannie to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life. If you are looking to feel better about yourself, get realistic wellness advice, or change your attitude about yourself - check out Jeannie!
— Michelle
Jeannie helped me tailor my diet to make my fitness program be much more effective. I used to struggle with losing weight and reaching my goals, especially after turning 40. My mistake was thinking that I could make up for poor eating habits with extensive training. Jeannie helped me realize that my diet provides the bulk of the fat loss and it is enhanced by my exercise. She helped me design a nutrition plan to preserve my muscle mass and it was much easier to lose weight than in previous attempts.
— Brett
Jeannie is a huge motivator. She is very honest, able to connect with people and be empathetic to each person’s needs. She is a good listener, resourceful, kind, and very open about her own experiences to help you through your own. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with getting started, anyone not able to get past their plateaus, and anyone who has health concerns and wants to fuel their body with the right foods.
— Sunny